Din rail transformer

Hi any help would be appreciated, i have the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, i replaced my original wired chime with the Ring Din Rail transformer friited in the ring enclosure, live and neutral wires connected to input, bell wires connected to output direct to doorbell but doorbell is not powering up, am i doing anything wrong here… followed instructions as i interpreted them, any advice appreciated… Russ

Hi @user34808. Have you bypassed your wired chime kit? The Doorbell Wired is not compatible with wired chime kits and this could be the problem.

Hi Tom, i replaced the original chime as it was not a compatible brand. I replaced it with ring specific din rail transformer housed in the ring din rail housing… wired up as per instructions, live and neutral to the bottom of transformer, bell wires from the top to the Wired video doorbell but power is not reaching it…?

Hi @user34808. The DIN Rail Transformer replaces an existing transformer to provide adequate power to your Video Doorbell Wired. If it’s installed according to the instructions here, the Doorbell Wired should power on when it is connected. You can try resetting the Doorbell Wired by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds to see if it enters setup mode after this. If there still appears to be no power at the doorbell wires, we’d recommend consulting with a qualified electrician to resolve power issues.

On the old chime you removed was the transformer built into this? If not I think you might have a doorbell transformer somewhere else (likely near or inside your consumer unit) so those live and neutral wires are already coming off a transformer.

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