Diming feature for Floodlight and Floodlight Cams

Just picked up some wired flood lights (no camera) and gotta say, brightness is awesome !!
Very bright and great flood coverage.
But, they really need a dimming feature on the app. Pretty much all flood lights sold have dusk to dawn feature, where the lights are on at dusk until dawn at a lower level brightness. And go to full brightness when motion is detected.
That is exactly what these wired models need.
They will not be starved of power like battery operated models due to them being hardwired. And having them be on at even 50% brightness when in dusk to dawn or on a scheduled light time would be perfect.
And of course have them go to 100% brightness automatically when motion is triggered during those times would be perfect.
And even if just using as normal motion lights, having the ability to dim your lights if needed would out you guys above the rest in my opinion.
Love the products as I have a whole array of them already but will be removing these flood lights and replacing with my previous basic ones that do dim when in dusk to dawn.
Would love to have these back up and running with all of my other lights if you guys send an update firmware for that feature.
Obviously this is just my opinion but really hoping and would even pay to have that feature enabled to be able to use these again.
Thanks for great products and look forward to more .

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In addition to this request , I’d suggest allowing the light brightness be set all of the time.

Flood lights need a dimming feature. I love these cameras… I have two. These lights are great… But I’d like to be able to leave it on as a porch light and dim it down. It’s far to bright for a room with lights near by. Please find a dimming process.

I would like to see an option to leave the light on a dim setting from dusk to dawn, and then light up brighter when motion is detected. My non-smart Heath Zenith motion sensor lights had that feature (it was called dual brite)


I would like to be able to dim the lights to a minimum brightness to use like a normal porch light then flood when it detects movement.


Please enable a flood light cam dimmer to use as a porch light then flood when motion is detected. I have replaced my porch lights and flood lights With flood light cams and now my property is pitch black until motion is detected.

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Wish we had the ability of setting the lighting level for the wired floodlights. I didn’t see a setting in the app for this. Anyone know if the light has this capability?

None, I have been considering them but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m still upset with the audio problems.

I’m talking about the new-ish wired floodlight (it doesn’t have a camera on it, so no audio).

I have the Flood Light Battery (no camera) hooked up to a solar panel.I have a PoE connected StickUp cam as well and the two are linked together - if the light detects motion, the camera records and vice versa. It works great and yes, it features a dimming function. I am surprised that it’s not available on the wired version. Hopefully soon as I have in our garage a Ring Pro and would love a dimmable wired Flood Light

I would like the ability in the app to set the brightness on each of my wired floodlights.

I too would like such an ability. I just had an electrician leave after installing boxes and the smart floodlights on each side and back of my house. I was quite surprised to not see a brightness setting. I had planned to dim the one on one end so as to not be so offensive to my neighbors next door as our houses are close. The solar smart floodlight I have on my patio has a brightness control as do the path lights and light bulbs. While I can understand battery powered devices may not have some features due to a batter drain, it doesn’t make sense for a hard wired device to have less features than the battery powered devices.

I, too, was surprised and disappointed to find that there is no brightness control on the wired floodlights. I had to really dig to find this information, as the marketing talks about being able to adjust the brightness for the smart lights right on your app. Unfortunately, I found this bit of info AFTER I purchased and installed the lights. Now I need to figure out how to put shields on them so I don’t bother the neighbors.