Different Scheduling Option For Motion Floodlight

I recently installed a Wired Floodlight and realized that the light schedule appears to only allow me to have my light stay on for a set period of time, however I was looking for a schedule to have my light turn on by motion detection from a set timeframe. For example it gets dark around 6PM however I don’t want my floodlight to activate its lights at this time because the only traffic it will detect are neighbors getting back home. My goal is to have my light detect motion from 10PM til 6AM the next morning. I do not want the light to stay on constantly I just want it to detect motion and turn on its lights when motion is detected during the set timeframe. It sounds like Ring has created this feature on some of the Floodlights with cameras called “Negative Light Schedule,” if there is any chance this feature could be added to the wired floodlights that would be great.