Different mounting options for Car Cam

I just pre -ordered the car cam, for my Jeep wrangler. My question to ring is, will there be any other mountings available instead of having it on the lower dash and have it stuck onto the windshield? I don’t like having anything on my windows but I will figure this one out for now!

I’m hoping ring will have other mounting solutions available for this dash cam. I look forward to this as I been waiting for the perfect dash cam that sends notifications to my phone and can tap in and view the activity live.

I received the dash cam today and could no figure out who to modify it to my Jeep JL 2019. The gap and angle needed to use this camera is non existent in the Jeep. I loved the feature it came with, but they have to make a base mod for it to fit in any Jeep. Our windshields are not angled enough. Disappointed I have to return.

That tongue that is supposed to be pushed into the gap between the window and dashboard is way too thick in my opinion. It should have been a wedge shape so you can push it into the thinest of gaps and push until it doesn’t go in any further. Potentially avoiding to include that cap to make it a little thicker for cars that happen to have a very large gap.

Mine car’s gap is so thin the USB-C cable was tough to push into the gap. A ribbon style cable would have been much better.

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