Different Chime Tones based on which doorbell or camera activated

I just purchased 4 Ring Video Doorbell Elites and 3 Chime Pros and am very disappointed that each chime cannot be programmed with a different tone for each of the four doors. This is a standard feature with wired doorbells (front and back door tones) going back more than 50 years. Why can’t this feature be added to Ring doorbells and chimes? What a disappointment that so many people have added comments about this but Ring does not appear to be interested in addressing customer requests.

Please make this a priority to address this customer concern. Having different tones for front and back doors with wired doorbells was added more than 50 years ago. Why does Ring see this as something they don’t want to address?
Very disappointing.

And four years later this critical simple safety feature remains unaddressed! Ring why is it that all the other like devices out there have this critical simple safety feature, but Ring’s does NOT??? Ugh!

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I have almost a dozen ring devices that detect motion. Every time one of them detects motion, it notifies the chimes to play one selected sound. Then I have to unlock my smartphone to find out which device detected the motion. Instead of the same sound being played for every motion, it would be much better if I could set the chime to say the words “doorbell motion”, “driveway motion”, “kitchen motion”, etc. so that I know instantly where the motion is located, without needing to quickly unlock my phone.

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Same here. I have four cameras and it would be great if the Chime could be set up to play a different sound for each camera. A small library of words/phrase so that we could build alerts: Front Door, Garage, Driveway, Rear Yard, Upstairs, Downstairs, etc. would be ideal.

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Almost three and a half years have passed since this feature was requested. Over 200 people have voted for it. Has there been any progress on this? You have to keep innovating to keep your customers happy so they will continue recommending your products. Otherwise, all we will talk about to others is our frustrations using your products.

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Ring definitely needs customizable chimes for different doorbells. We use multiple Ring doorbells on different entry points at my company and it would be extremely useful to be able to tell which doorbell is being pushed.

Come on RING! I’ve seen requests for this feature on this community as far back as 2019 with customer services saying “we’ll escalate and get it requested”. It doesn’t sound like rocket science - a different alert tone depending on which device is triggering. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP IGNORING YOUR CUSTOMERS.

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Since at least as far back as 2019 (five years ago at the time of this post) customers have been requesting that Chime devices software needs to be able to play tones based on which doorbell is activated, and the ability to record custom tones.

To be clear, in any installation where multiple Chime devices and multiple doorbell devices are present, ALL Chime devices should be able to play a tone based on which doorbell is activated, and that tones play on all Chime devices, not just one.

To be further clear, “Custom Tones” users might create, for example would be, “Someone rang the front doorbell.”, or “Someone rang the back door doorbell.”, or “Someone rang the Garage side door doorbell.”, or “Someone rang the patio doorbell.” This would help to eliminate the need to memorize which tone is for which door, or for family or friends house sitting to be able to know which doorbell someone rang, without having to know or memorize specific tones in advance.

This is very basic software programming and most doorbell manufacturers do this already with their Chime type devices.

Ring - What the heck!
Many years later and you still have not taken care of this important feature?

Your suggestions make perfect sense. You go bananas! :smiley:

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+1 Please add this feature, I just assumed this feature would be incl in a sophisticated product line as Ring but guess should not assume these things.


Still not available option? That’s ridiculous.

This is a basic feature on even the cheapest wireless doorbells. It indicates a disgusting disregard for their customers that this has not been fixed yet.

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We need to all put in 1 star reviews with this as the complaint. It is ridiculous Chime is rated 4.6 stars on Amazon while lacking this feature

Another very basic feature that ring doobells and security can’t handle.

Please add this, so annoying you have to check your app, or first walk to the wrong door, or get 2 chimes…

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It is a joke that this very basic feature is not yet available. From a programming perspective this is not rocket science.