Different Base Station and Keypad Volumes depending on Mode

Feature Request.
It would be a good feature if you adjust the volume for the base station and keypads depending on the mode set (Home/Away) or when exiting and entry using the keypad. When setting “Home” for night time protection (including some motion sensors) and normally being the last to bed I don’t want to wake everyone with the count down on exit (I know you could set it up with no exit delay and set by the app but not all of my house hold are tech and prefer the keypad). Like wise it would be good if you could set different volumes when exiting and entry. The volume can be set on exit but when entering the volume could be set differently so as to alert you that it needs disarming. Even better combining Modes and Exit/Entry. These features are on my old wired alarm. Fingers crossed.

Hi @sluck. Thanks for sharing your suggestion! I moved your post over to our Feature Request board so other neighbors can vote and share their interest in your idea. Feel free to add any other suggestions you have to this board as well. :slight_smile: