Different app alert tone for person and other motion

Not sure if this is Customer Support but I have a suggestion for improvement with the Ring Flood Camera. It is great that when a person is detected, it actually tells you in the phone notification. But you have to look at the notification to know if it was an object or a person. It would be nice if by default the ring chime would be distinct and different for a person vs an object. There are times when I am only interested if the camera picks up a person and may want to disregard just cars or objects going by. Could you do this with just a software update? Would be well received.

When the floodlight cam detects a PERSON as opposed to an object, could Ring provide a different ring tone for the person vs the object? I am always interested when my camera picks up a person but more often than not do not care if a car goes by etc. can this change be made soon and the users notified when the software update is in place?

Note that there are ring tones for PERSON but the ring tone becomes default for a person or an object, such as a car. I would like it so that I can select a ring tone for when a person is detected and a ring tone for when other objects are detected. Right now I cannot choose separate ring tones. This seems like such a simple chsnge

Hi @user19032. Thank you for sharing your suggestion. I have moved your post to our Feature Request board, so other neighbors can vote and add interest.