Did Ring just rob me?

Here is my story:

  1. I first bought a Ring Doorbell Pro to try for my main door entrance. I loved it after a month. I then decided to sign up for the $3 basic plan after one month trial (I wanted to go w/ the Protection Plus but I wanted to wait for having the Ring Security System in place)

  2. I then bought a 14 kit Ring Security System to expand my home security project.

  3. I also bought another Ring Doorbell Pro for my 2nd door entrance. I bought this one after learning that it came with a 12 month Protection Plus plan and according to Ring customer service representative, it would cover all my Ring devices .

Everything seemed to work fine until today I checked my credit card statement and realized Ring continued to charge me $3 on my first camera’s subscription plan. This is odd. They said the Protection Plus plan will cover all my Ring devices. Why do they still want to charge me $3? Ring definitely robbed me well.

Hi @wanderer. Could you please reach out to our support team here? It’s possible that the basic plan that you had signed up for before was never cancelled, so they can work out any refunds that are in order for you to make sure your account is back in working order with your subscription plan. Please feel free to report back to us to let us know how it goes and what they were able to do for you!

I contacted Ring and was told that,

“It would be wise to cancel the current subscription first before adding the new one (12-month subscription that come with your new ring doorbell)”

That was nice of the Ring CSR but why wasn’t Ring be smarter to cancel my subscription when I added the new 12 month subscription to it??? Why did Ring require me to do extra steps to save my money? Or was it because Ring wanted to silently rob me more money? If I did not spot this charge in my credit card statement, it would continue to charge me forever and forever…Unbelievable to find out.

Ring customers, be careful!