Devices deleted

I moved out of my home a year ago and put my belongings into storage. I happened to log into my Ring app yesterday because my parents (who I’m spending time with at the moment) added me as a shared user for their Ring alarm.

My old home was still active (normal as I hadn’t removed it) and all devices were now in storage but I noticed that that location was showing as no devices registered.

I’d like to understand if Ring have removed them after a certain time of inactivity or if someone had broken into my lock-up and re-registered my devices on their account.

Does anyone have experience of this? I’ve recently registered with the Ring Professional installer programme (after multiple installs) and think this is important information to know… For example, I have a client who installed Ring in a second home. They visit this home very rarely. Will Ring simply delete their devices through lack of use?

Hi @Automaison. Ring does not remove any devices from one’s account, no matter how long they have been inactive. The only way they can be removed is if you yourself remove them or if they have gone through an ownership change. If they did go through the ownership change process, you would have received an email stating that someone is trying to take ownership. You can read more about that process here in our Help Center page. I hope this helps.

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