Detected motion not working

I keep having days where someone will walk onto my porch to drop off packages and my ring will not detect the motion. This is an issue considering I bought the ring for my porch to make sure no packages were taken. It never even shows them when I go to look back.

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Hey @Jessicaaabee. Do you notice any events happening around the time of delivery, as according to any delivery updates you may be getting? If there is an event right before the time of delivery, and if you have your motion frequency set to Standard instead of Frequent, the camera could still be on its snooze time frame from a recent motion event and therefore would not pick up the delivery right after.

In addition, if you walk up to your device (pretending you are the delivery driver), does your Doorbell pick you up? Your device may have had a lapse in connection at the time of delivery as well if your internet was done during this time, which could have prevented the Doorbell from picking up the driver.

The last thing I could think of is placement, as you may not have the Doorbell mounted high/low enough to pick up people coming to your front door, if this seems to be a common and repeating issue, or still an issue when you test this movement yourself. Let me know!

Apologies in advance as I can’t provide any assistance, but I’m having this same issue. We had a package get thrown up against the fence (on the outside, damaging the package). This was a 5’x3’ package dropped off by 2 guys in a truck. Yet no movement detected from the 3 day old Doorbell 3. No events within 30 minutes prior. Of course, it finally picked up when I walked OUT of the house.

The only thing this thing picks up on is exiting the house and cars driving by… Nothing if someone walks past or comes into the yard. Unbelievably frustrating.