Desktop screen to stickup camera shoes "Error: Unsupportedcontent"

Desktop screen appears black with Error:UnsupportedContent. Thumbnails appear normal and Smartphone link screen is normal. No explanation for Error, Local test screen report shows “normal”. Help.

Same issue - it seems the desktop app has been abandoned. Using the ring,com website to view footage is a joke unfortunately (at least for me) even with a very good internet connection the video streamed via the web app is an appalling, stuttery and blocky mess. Its fine via the mobile app but unfortunately I didn’t buy my 3 cameras to use with a mobile phone when I have a perfectly good and much larger monitor for that purpose. So for me at least ring products are now totally unusable.

Interestingly I used the website to view live footage from one camera - the resulting stream was unusable - the usual blocky artefacting and stuttery mess (on a 76Mbit connection that can stream 4K movies without issue). I then loaded the desktop app and tried playing that live view back from the history tab. It played a black screen with audio so i then used the bottom right … menu option to download the file which then plays back perfectly in great quality. So the app it appears has been deliberately bricked by changing the video codec to one that it does not support or by changing the streaming method. Also puzzled as to why the streamed video quality is unusable via the web app but perfectly fine on the mobile app when the mobile is connected via wifi to the same router that the desktop is connected to via gigabit ethernet!

Hi neighbors. To clarify, the Ring desktop app has been discontinued. To access your Ring devices on your desktop computer, please utilize You can read more about this change here.

@AndyJS I know you mentioned this concern with the video quality issues on in this other thread. To look into this issue further, it would be best if you contact our support team, either by phone or via social media. Our support team can be reached @Ring on Facebook or Twitter (X), or at one of the numbers here.

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