Depth of field settings for privacy zones

Privacy zones seems like a great idea - automatically redacting my neighbor’s property for their privacy. However the implementation doesn’t work effectively. I have not been able to define black bars protecting my neighbors without also preventing me from seeing who is at the door

We need privacy zones that work more like a depth of field setting. I need to clearly see who is at the door while houses across the street are blurred out or blacked out

This is in response to an old post, but “depth of field” is exactly what I need to establish. We had our vehicle vandalised the other night and our friendly police officer suggested a Ring doorbell. However, I am less concerned about approaching visitors that those passing down the street with malicious intent, so my question is: Will the doorbell pick up clear facial images at 5 metres (+/-15 feet) at night? Not having enquired as to this officer’s particular situation, I would appreciate any qualified responses to this post before spending serious money on the wrong product.