Denied my post AGAIN

This is the second time you’ve denied me for posting and this time? Just after midnight, I pull up to my house. Where someone is standing in front of it. She comes up to my car asking about specific houses, asking which house a cop named Mike stays at and says she has a tool and oh yeah, she might get decapitated if she goes in the woods. she asked me for a ride which I deny. After I go to the cameras and come to find the lady casing out my neighborhood for a couple minutes until she sees my headlights and she speed walks away. Before coming back directly to my car window. you guys don’t care. I have ptsd. She could have a gun. Who knows what her plan was or her “tool” was out whoever poor Mike the cop is… who knows? Well… I know…

…That you don’t care.

Forget u people. When that mentally ill lady goes and does something mentally eww? That is on u people. I live on a block with 4 or more cops on it. There is children. There is old people. It’s a round about, on a hill. If someone comes up here, prolly for living. They don’t live here, wearing yellow rubber gloves staring at houses after midnight? Then what the hell do u think they are here for?? I didn’t say anything a bout my opinion or anything but facts and the video. And u denied me. She could be right now jockey boxing someone’s car that COULD HAVE BEEN ALERTED AND PROTECTED BY A NEIGHBOR if you guys didn’t get all fascist on me.

Minus 5 stars
Y’all don’t care about them? Don’t think they should know someone is casing our neighborhood??? What is wrong with u people

Is it because I put the ring cam in the back and let a better quality camera take my front doorbell spot?

Whatever it is

If ANYTHING happens tonight. That’s on u all for censoring a civic minded war veteran.

Good day. And if I paid for this app. Refund me. If I didn’t? Then I still paid too much.

Not very neighborly at all

But then again ring, you will prolly deny this too!!

Hi @disrespected_denied_2x. You’ve reached the Ring Community, which is a public peer-to-peer forum where neighbors can interact with one another. Our team here does not have control over which posts are removed from the Neighbors app. If your post on the Neighbors app is removed, you should receive an email about it. I recommend replying to that email to inquire for more information on the removal of your post, as we won’t have any information on the Community team. You can also review the Neighbors Guidelines in our Help Center article here. If you have any immediate safety concerns, we strongly advise you to contact your local law enforcement.

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