Delivery problems

I already have (3) ring security systems along with several door cameras and other equipment. I am familure with the product and delivery. I ordered (2) more security systems on 4/19, ORDER 001-2785938. It was being shipped in two separate deliveries. I received the first delivery on 4/22. The next day the second part of the order was not delivered. I checked the tracking, and it shows 2:57 “Package held by carrier as the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete. Please contact Amazon with more address information.” Then another at 2:57 “Unable to locate address. Please contact Amazon with more address information” then at 8:24 “Returning to seller: did not order”. Obviously, my address did not change in one day. I never did tell anyone or indicate in any way that I did not order. I talked with customer service last week that said it was taken care of and I would receive the delivery on 4/26. It wasn’t delivered so I contacted them again. Now they say it will be (3) more days. When I am placing an order, the system is designed without issues. The same concern was not used when it comes to dealing with problems. If it would have the problem would have be handled the first day. I have no problem with using the cheapest possible method to do business, but I had to get (3) different customer service before we could understand each other. I was born in America, but I don’t have the perfect English so some of it is my fault. I am ready to throw what I have in the thrash and order from somewhere else. This is very frustrating. I fell like I am stranded on a remote island trying to get someone to rescue me.