Delivery delays

Hello everyone,

I made a big order about 2-3 weeks ago and I still have not received any of the items. I just called ring customer service and I was told that the reason I am not getting any of the items is that two out of the 8 items that I ordered are delayed and therefore, this is all or nothing type of deal. Basically telling me that me, my wife, and my children should remain unsafe and unsecured in our house until they get the last two items, and then they will be able to ship everything. Instead of saying, we really care about your family’s safety, therefore we will ship everything that’s available right now. What a crappy service. Thankfully, now that they told me this, I will cancel this order on Monday and never work with ring again.

Totally agree I’m have the same issue, I have the ring doorbell and thought the alarm will be a good addition.
Placed my order on the 22,11,21 why are the able to sell what they haven’t got.

You can check the status of the order yourself by logging into your Order History ( Order History ( Once there, click on your order and in the upper right, with the list of products you ordered, will be the approximate shipping time frame.

Not knowing what you specifically ordered it could be that you ordered a box set that requires all to be shipped at once.

Also, setting your expectations realistically in this time of supply disruptions will likely cause you and your family less stress.

I have been waiting for my Floodlight Cam Pros since Black Friday. It said 2-4 weeks until they ship when I ordered them and it still has the same status now.

My previous ring stopped working and I was told the only solution was to order another one. I ordered a ring pro in September and was told shipping would take 6 - 9 weeks. 11 weeks later I was just told it would now take an additional 6 - 8 weeks. No doorbell for 1/3 of a year and they wouldn’t even refund a portion of the annual fee. Is anyone else as frustrated with Ring as me? Highly frustrating especially around the holidays. Hello Google Nest!

As mentioned above

Our support team can help further with looking into the status of your shipment as well as escalate any necessary cases. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I had the opposite problem - I ordered a number of items back in September (Alarm Kit, extra sensor, and Charging Station) but never received the charging station I ordered (it was not shipping yet when I ordered), but since Ring’s records show it shipped:

This is the email I got:
I am following up with you to let you know your shipping address request could not be fulfilled. It has already been delivered. Please respond to verify that you received your packages.

The kicker is there is no way to respond since the email address it was sent from is “

Try Amazon next time. They own ring and super great deals plus easy order tracking.

I just got my Floodlight Cam Pros ordered on Black Friday.

Watch your shopping cart for your discount when ordering through Amazon. I have found that the discount does not apply to some products on Amazon but it does on the Ring website.