Deleting events on

When I delete all events for a doorbell on, the webpage displays:

Your videos will go here, but since you don’t have a connected Ring device, check out these helpful resources.

The first time I saw this, I was a little concerned that the doorbell had also been deleted from my account. The IOS app is fine and accessing in another browser also shows the doorbell. After a time, opening in the original browser, does display the doorbell. So it looks like a cookie is set, after the deletion, or some other local persistance, that causes to display the erroneous message. Closing and opening the original browser, including logging off and on, does not have any effect.

It’s a bug, but there is no obvious way to report this directly to Ring.

I have given up deleting the events in the IOS app as the UI, is frankly crap, and despite reporting this several times, there has been no improvement.


ps. screen video attached in the zip file

And the problem occurs with a different browser, so it is not browser specific.

Confirming, @JonBE , after you get to that screen and go back to your Event History, the video is still there? Also, could you please confirm the Web Broswer and version? I just tried on Chrome and was able to delete all my videos. We’ll make sure we get this figured out :slight_smile: Thanks!

The browsers I can recreate the problem with are Edge Chromium and Firefox, both the latest versions. The events are deleted.