Delete Single Authorised Client Device

I have an unrecognised device listed in the Control Centre/Authorised Client Devices section of my Ring App and require the ability to remove it; currently there is only the option to remove all of my devices.
When I upgrade my phone or replace one of my old devices that is authorised to access, I am going to have to ‘Remove all Devices’ and reinstate every one I’ve previously approved access for. Also, on this occasion I have a device listed that I do not recognise, I do not want to have to ‘remove all devices’ and then reinstate them again because of one single unrecognised device. The unrecognised device on my list could be on I haven’t granted permission to access my Ring; or it could be one of mine I simply don’t recognise by the name listed in my Control Centre/Authorised Client Devices; but your current settings force me to remove all other devices I’ve authorised in order to find out.

Bump!! I am also curious for a solution.