Delete neighborhoods

When I created my Ring alarm account my neighborhood somehow got created twice. This is confusing and annoying.

Since there seems to be no option for deleting neighborhoods in the Ring App I installed the Neighbors app hoping it would sync with my account and offer more options. It does sync and it does offer more options. Unfortunately, deleting a neighborhood still isn’t an option.

The Neighbors app It did give me the ability to “move” an address. When I tried to do this I discovered the first duplicate is linked to my alarm account and the second neighborhood is the duplicate that got created somehow. Since I couldn’t delete it, I decided to “move” the second/duplicate neighborhood to a random location in another state . I thought that would be less confusing. And it would have been, if it actually moved the neighborhood. Instead, it simply created a new neighborhood. Now I have 2 neighborhoods I need to delete - a duplicate and a random neighborhood in another state.

I know I can disable the notifications for neighborhoods in the app but that is not a solution. That is a workaround. Ring needs to provide the ability to delete neighborhoods.

Have a duplicate location on the implemented neighbors app from the ring app, leading to double the neighborhood feeds and can’t seem to get rid of the duplicate? Super annoying since both locations show the same feeds, and if you had customized anything on one of them you would have to leave it to chance when you choose which locations feed to show since both locations would have the same neighborhood name… Unless you changed the neighborhood name to something else, but who wants two feeds of the same area? I had the same issue and finally figured out a way around it to delete the duplicate location.

First go to your neighbors app/tab in the ring app, click on the settings at the top right (looks like a little gear wheel) from there and figure out which one is the duplicate location, usually that is the one that allows you to change the address (typically the second location below the first of the duplicates). Note : your original location is the one that will say you have the location linked to devices that can only be changed from settings etc. and that is not the duplicate.

Click on the duplicate address and change that location by deleting your house number so its just your street (so you can tell it apart from your original location). Save it and change your neighborhood name to something like “test”. (it may update immediately or take up to ten minutes)

Now go back to the main ring app and click on the menu tab at the top left of the screen. At the top where it states your address or location, if you click on the address it will open up a little subtab where it should list all your locations and at the bottom of it says “set up new device”.

At this point it should list two locations, your original location and the new location, in this case if you changed the neighborhood name to “test”, your new location should be labeled “test”.

Click on that location and it will bring up everything looking like a newly created ring account. Then simply click on your menu tab at the top left, click on settings (on the main ring app, not the neighbors tab), scroll down to the bottom and there should be a button in red letters that says delete location. Click on delete location and confirm.

This will fix your duplicate locations issue on Neighbors tab and after it updates you should have no more duplicate issues.

Hope this helps! I tried troubleshooting it in so many different ways on my own to finally fix my duplicate issue. Even the tech hotline had issues trying to figure out what my issue was… But if it doesn’t work out for you and it’s too much of a headache so you always have the option of deleting all locations and starting it fresh. :grin:

Please don’t blame me if something goes wrong and you end up starting fresh, if you followed the guide correctly you shouldn’t end up there. Just remember that if there is only ONE location on your main menu from the ring app, DO NOT DELETE LOCATION. If done correctly, you will end up with TWO locations.


To correct the location shown in your Ring app you will need to update the address by re-entering it in settings. Follow the steps below to update the location in your app.

  • Ensure your Ring app is up to date.

    • App versions required: 5.49 (iOS) or 3.49 (Android) or higher.
  • Open the the Main Menu in the Ring app by tapping on the three lines on the top left corner.

  • Confirm the location you would like to update is selected at the top, then select Settings .

  • Select Change Address.

  • Tap Edit Address.

    • Note: If you have Professional Monitoring as part of your Ring Alarm, you will be switched to self-monitoring. You will need to update your preference in the monitoring section in the Ring app to Professional Monitoring, this will confirm your updated address for monitoring.
  • Input your address, when you begin typing it will auto populate options in a drop down that you can choose from as well.

  • Confirm your address is correct on the map.

  • Confirm the name you’d like for your Location.

  • You are all set with an updated location!

Please let us know if you have any further concerns with the location in your app. Thank you for being a great neighbor! :slight_smile: