Delete entire days BY DATE

Sometimes I forget to delete videos for days at a time, so I go outside, make sure everything looks like it should, no vandalism, etc, & then proceed to delete videos without looking at them at all. Because I have two, a doorbell, and a camera overlooking my driveway, I end up with about 30 minutes or more of time spent deleting videos, even though I am selecting numerous videos by swipe/selection buttons to delete. I need a way to select by date, then the app selects all videos on that date, and then let me click delete & confirm deletion. Deleting videos should not be the current level of time consuming.

Why go through that process when they get auto deleted after 30-60 days? Seems like a lot of work when the system will do it for you.
The only time I look at my videos is to check or verify something which is pretty minimal. Otherwise, 99% of my videos are never viewed and get auto-deleted.

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