Delay when doorbell activates lights via bridge and transformer

My alarm and Pro 2 doorbell have been working well for a good while. Added a bridge, motion detector and transformer for path lighting.

When triggered by the motion detector, the lights come on nearly instantly. When triggered by the doorbell however, there is a delay before the light comes on. I enabled Motion Alerts, and I’m notified the doorbell has detected motion almost immediately, but there is a delay between 10 seconds and a minute or so before the lights come on. Basically enough time that you have to stop and wait on the lights before continuing to walk.

Any ideas how to get a faster response?

Hi @Jkwilson. For your individual smart lights that are connected to your Bridge and Transformer, the lights talk peer to peer with the motion signal from the smart lighting motion sensor going directly to the transformer through group activation, which is a very low latency. When the Doorbell is involved, the signal has to go to the wireless router, then to the cloud, back to the router, and back to the bridge, then the lights turn on. This process can cause a bit of a lag if you have a lot of devices connected to your router, all talking at the same time.

To have a better performance time, you will want to look into the connection that your Doorbell has to your router. You can learn more about that connection and RSSI in our Community post here. You will also want to look into what the RSSI for your Bridge is as well. The lower the RSSI, the faster that communication time will be. If you have a lot of devices connected to your wireless router, you may want to look into getting wifi extenders like the Eero system. Hope this helps clear it up for you!