Default Functionality - Smart Floodlight Wired

I am trying to determine what the default functionality is for a Smart Floodlight wired, new out of the box, never connected to the bridge. Light on and off on motion? Light stays on for how many minutes? Maximum sensitivity for motion?


Hi @ElectricianJim. For our Smart Lighting Floodlight Wired, the out of box defaults are that the motion sensitivity is high (~70ft), the light sensor is set so the light will turn on with motion whether it’s day or night, and the auto shut off timer is set to 30 seconds. The most consistent experience comes via the Ring App with the bridge when it’s connected, as you will be able to customize these settings. Our factory defaults can change as well, but a neighbor will always have full control through the Ring app. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

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Ours has been terrible . The ring light stays on.

It worked fine . I have had mine for ever a year and as soon as I did the new app updated it has been nothing but crazy bad. It never goes live you have to try 3 times 2 times 5 times then it might not even show up anyways. My dad had his for years and his doing the same thing. My brother law has his and he is so upset and he has 2 of them. I thinking about switching . $3 a month down the drain.

My ring floodlight I had almost 1 yr now will not turn off. I use the app to turn it off and in seconds it comes back on. Any advice I would appreciate it. thanks

I’m having the same problem,light stays on and when turned off using the app it comes back on.

Hi @dj2, for your particular concern, have you tried reaching out to our support team? They are a great place to start for this kind of device concern, so please reach out to them here so they can do troubleshooting with you for your specific account.