December Costco purchase include 1 year of basic service for Floodlight Cam & Chime Pro?

My wife purchased the Costco Floodlight Cam & Chime Pro bundle december 2019. After setup it says I only have the 30 day free plan. Anyone know if it came with a 1 year included plan? On ring FAQ it says:

Which products are available as bundles?

The following lists the bundles that are available at participating Costcos. Note that the product selection will differ based on whether you are in the United States or the United Kingdom.

United States

  • Floodlight Cam/Chime Pro/1-year Protect Plan

Hey @jso001. If you do not have the correct time period for your trial, I recommend reaching out to support. They will normally need a receipt for proof of purchase as well, so make sure you have that. You can reach them here anytime. Let us know if they were able to help!