Dead dad owned ring account, moved out, new home owners

My dad died, the ring was his account. I have no clue what email he used, and even if I did, we no longer have his phone number so we cannot get into his emails, or receive any sort of text confirmation. We moved out of that house but left the ring, and the new owner is not able to access it and put it in his own name, what can I do to get that device wiped of any of my dad’s account settings, or transfer my dad’s device to my account, so I can remove it myself.

@mikhailepeter Without access to the account to delete it not much I’m afraid. Not sure if any of the Ring staff could help given the circumstances. However the best thing is the folks who bought the house just buy themselves a new ring doorbell and scrap the old one. To be honest if I was buying a place I would replace the ring doorbell with a new one anyway.

Hi @mikhailepeter. This Help Center article here shared a similar concern. View the marked solution in that post for information on your next steps.