DEAD chime

I have a chime that even after the long reset does not light up. Do I have any options or is it garbage?

Hey @iDJMic. If you have preformed a reset and you still cannot get any signs of life on the device, I recommend reaching out to our support team here. They can preform any advanced troubleshooting with you to work out the best next steps. :slight_smile:

There is only “Call to USA” and this community forum. That won’t help me much in “CANADA” definilty turns me off of buying more Ring Product.

@iDJMic We do support neighbors in Canada as well! Please call our Canadian number here: [+1 855-300-7289](tel:+1 855-300-7289)

Do you think it matters it was ordered 11/26/2016 unit lasted just over 3 years now is dead.

@iDJMic It does depend for each neighbor, as they may be able to get it working for you, and if not, it depends on the warranty you have. Warranty will vary depending on the plan you have, the device, and your location! You can learn more about warranty here.