Daytime and nighttime settings for cameras

Hello RING, I would like to see a feature in the app that allows me to set/save daytime and nighttime settings for each of my cameras. Most people are aware that activity generally increases during the day, so in order to save battery and time looking through a ton of recordings from the day, I would like to be able to set/save daytime motions settings and a nighttime motions setting. Right now we have to go in the app and manually adjust each of the settings for all our individual cameras every morning/night. I prefer increased motion sensitivity at night and decreased during the day. It would be nice to just establish the settings for each camera and simply have a toggle to switch from night to day and day to night.

This may also encourage other people to decrease their daytime sensitivity, which in theory should save storage space on your servers and clear up some of the traffic. This could also potentially help fix some of the delay and “footage unavailable” problems that so many people (including me) are having, because your servers wouldn’t have to do as much all at once. I am by no means a tech wizard, but this is just an idea/suggestion. Thank you!