Date / Time Stamp actual 'second' count

When you save a video clip - then play it back - the date/time appears in the bottom right hand corner as a static value. That does not change as you go through the video clip … mening the time does not change as the video plays. Could it be the time shown is when the video started - as in when motion was detected or when Live View was turned on? It would be nice to have the time (minutes/seconds) change as the video plays.


I would love to see the time stamp appear on all video, whether or not they are download, viewed in app or even live view.

In addition adding seconds to the time shown in the list of records, not just the hours and minutes would be useful when comparing events from different systems.

Yes, uptime timestamps are needed. I have had multiple issues where i get motion alerts but when i go to live view theres nothing there. I assumed due to latency lag i would have to go to history and view the trigger event. Most of the time i can find the event that triggered it but other times not. Today i noticed a package on live view except i had picked up the package hours earlier i double checked to make sure another package didnt come and it had not. Live view had been frozen for hours, that makes me not able to trust the ability of the cameras. A moving time stamp would let me know when things have frozen.