Date & Time-based event filtering

Can you folks look into adding the ability to filter & show only those events that fall within user-specified date/time criteria? I think this would be really useful for people that periodically review their camera footage looking for possible issues, like late-night, “car door rattlers”.

For example, if someone were interested in seeing only the motion events that:

  • were generated by my “driveway Spotlight Cam”,
  • in the date range of 04/26/20 - 05/02/20,
  • between the hours of 10:00PM - 6:00AM

this would elimate a lot of scolling through irrelevant captured events.


Please make this a feature soon! It’ll save time when going through the enourmous amounts motion detected activities. I’ve spent way too much time trying to determine, by time of course , of possible related incidents in the area!

Please make this a feature…would save so much time when trying to look for a certain time/day video.


Surely the might of Amazon could add this in 30mins flat. I have 3 cameras and the app is almost unusable when needed to search for specific events/dates/times