Date And Time On ALL Images

Not sure why this is even a thing but uh… Can we get date and time added to ALL the images downloaded from the app? Any image or video without a date is completely useless in a court of law. I have to prove thousands of dollars in equipment wasn’t delivered to my door. I have video to prove it, or at least I thought I did. When I download the “snapshot” MP4s for the time period in question to prove nobody was there there is no date and time. Talked to support for a bit but the rep was only interested in repeating what I already know back to me instead of offering a solution or getting engineering involved.

Being able to prove events in court is literally the only reason I have cameras. Not being able to do so is a HUGE problem. I’m going to have to scrap this entire system now and get something that can do what I need it to do. In addition to this, I’m SOL on thousands due to this glaring shortcoming.

Fix this for your future customers. You’ve lost this one. This mistake is too costly to look past. I need video that is admissible in actual court, not trial by social media.