Dashboard Shortcut (Tile) Problem

In (iPadOS) version 5.52.1 of the Ring app… the rightmost shortcut (tile) on the Ring app Dashboard continues to be (intermittently) replaced with an incorrect one.

On the “Manage Your Shortcuts” screen, I’ve arranged the shortcuts as follows:

  • “Visible Shortcuts” section: The shortcuts are arranged according to my personal preference (i.e.,in the order I want them to appear, from left to right, on the Ring Dashboard).
  • “Hidden Shortcuts” section: All remaining shortcuts.

On the Ring app Dashboard, every time I notice that the rightmost shortcut has been replaced with an incorrect one, I also notice that a corresponding (unwanted) change has occurred on the “Manage Your Shortcuts” screen. Namely, that an unwanted shortcut has been plucked from the “Hidden Shortcuts” section and inserted into the “Visible Shortcuts” section ahead of what was previously the last shortcut in that section. In other words the unwanted shortcut is now in the second-to-last position in the “Visible Shortcuts” section. This, in turn, causes the unwanted shortcut to be displayed (instead of the correct shortcut) in the rightmost position on the Ring app Dashboard screen.

Any idea why this problem is occurring? (I know I’m not the only Ring Community member to experience this type of problem.)