Dark mode for web browser

Really appreciate if a native dark mode for the web page could be made. And no, not extenstions for Chrome…

+1, bump, very much needed!!

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Please add this, I keep my dashboard pulled up on a second monitor and it’s so bright.

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yes it’s killing my eyes, everything else has dark mode.

+1 – Given that the standalone desktop applications have been deprecated and we need to use the web app for dashboard control, we should be able to switch to dark theme. This screen sits on idle at my workstation, and is open for extended periods of time. The bright white light in my peripheral is not very pleasant.

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Yes please.
The only way I can get rid of the bright white is to override all background colours, not ideal,

Well, here I am a year later, come to make the same request. I was directed here by the social media team on Twitter.

It doesn’t look like such a simple update to the website is a very high priority, which is a shame. It would be a high return in usability of the website.

With all the bright white background, it’s like staring into a spotlight to pull up the website under any conditions other than direct sunlight.

+1000 please add this either as a toggle or better yet have it change after 7pm to dark mode would be best!

This is a such a no-brainer, please implement this!

Support for Edge browser dark mode is urgently needed.

+1, dark mode would be so much needed

December 23rds, 2023, Dark Mode setting for the Ring.com web browser embedded within the website code to set if you choose too would still greatly be appreciate if it could be added to a future update. I also work night shifts and usually have lower dim rooms where I monitor multiple screens and if I happen to bring up the Ring website to check on camera at home, it usually turns the heads from a few coworkers so I have to bring another dark website banner to cover up most of the page.

This is seriously SO EASY to implement, why is it not already done??
The fact that I had to search for it, find this forum, create yet another login for Ring is beyond ridiculous that I had to waste this much time on this.

Just add it already.

I’d spend ALL 26 votes on this if I could.

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I finally caved and now use an extension “Dark Reader” for my browser that turns webpages dark. It works well with Ring and it’s not white blinding anymore when I go to check my home cameras at night.

Still blows my mind that Ring has not added this feature to their website. I wonder if it’s just them being lazy or don’t care, either way it won’t cost them much if anything at all to do.

Every other website I frequently visit has a dark mode. It is time.