Dark Mode For The Ring App

Seriously, this should be out of the backlog and finished within a sprint, maybe 2. Such an easy win guys.

Please add a dark mode for the Ring iOS app!! :pray:t2:

Another vote for dark mode on Android.


:joy: Created account just to heart this and vote for dark mode. Sorry it took so long, just regained 10% sight.


Only 141 votes? Are there really only 141 people that care about dark mode? That’s crazy. I wish Apple and Google would force this requirement to get lazy developers to implement the functionality.


It’s hard to believe this is yet to be implemented. Apps made by little Johnny in his parent’s basement have dark mode.

It has literally been years that this request has been on the board, Ring. Either you are totally ignoring your users or you think we are more interested in the unsolicited features with which you keep bloating the app. Come on! Please!

It’s not the length of time for the feature requestion/suggestion that matters, it’s how many votes.

Ring look after your customers if we are blind we can’t see your cameras or buy more. Dark mode should of been done years ago.