Dark Mode For The Ring App

Can you please add a Dark Mode setting to the Ring App so we can darken all the white space at night?
Thank you!


Yes all apps need dark mode option. Hard opening this bright app at night

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Please add iOS 13+ Dark Mode to the iPhone/iPad Ring app as well as the windows 10 application

I’m mostly checking night footage and it is shocking having to switch back and forth from white to black to select the next video.

While they’re at it, they should add an iOS 14 widget so we can easily arm or disarm Ring from our Home Screen (securely when the phone is unlocked).

Please! Arming the app at night is like inviting a solar flare into your eyeballs!

I’m interested in seeing a dark mode for the Ring app on iOS. I noticed a post for Android already but since I don’t use that platform I’m not sure if it’s already fulfilled. Since it’s the neighborly thing to do, I’m including it in my request also *ahem*.

I read Neighbors/Ring posts and check my camera mostly at night so it would be great if I wasn’t met with the garish white UI each time when my eyes are adjusted to the dark. Not to mention in some phones this uses more battery.

Twitter support isn’t so helpful, they say they will pass the request along. I see update after update on the app and yet no Dark Mode support. Does Ring have any plans to include this? Why or why not?

I’d prefer options to toggle, change with sunset/sunrise, or just follow system settings.

If anyone else is interested in this please leave a reason why or give a like.

Thank you


I’m awaiting solution for IOS dark mode’s blurred vision for months.

Please add Dark Mode to the iOS app.


Please provide dark mode in the ring app, checking motion at midnight is blinding when the whole thing lights up white.

Can we please get dark mode for the ring app for Apple iOS? Would love to have that option! Thank you

Also, would very much like to see a Dark-mode option instead of the blinding white background!! It would also consume less battery power as well!

Add a dark mode option to the app.

Yes please!

This shouldn’t even really be on the request board since Dark Mode has been native to iOS for so many iterations now…

Ring! We need a Dark Mode for the app on PC! Please!

Really need a dark mode for the Ring App

Agreed we need this!

Are we ever going to get this?? Its blinding at night. Call your dev team they can do this in a day…

Please make dark theme available on iOS. Is the only app on my phone that doesnt have it. Is really hard to view the app content in a dark room

Dark mode needed for Ring app now. Blink already has this.