daily timelapse, single image

Hi all,

I’m suggesting a daily timelapse feature for the Ring App. Whereas the current timelapse (Timeline) feature is great, allowing the user to see images throughout the day, I think an additional daily long-term style timelapse feature would be great.

The feature would do something like take a snapshot everyday at 5 PM or perhaps twice a day or perhaps customizable in some way to take a number of images in a day. Certainly far less than the snapshot taken every few minutes with the current Timeline feature providing a condensed long-term timelapse which can be helpful in seeing changes in the scenery.

If trying to see long-term changes with the current timelapse viewing feature, such as a month or year, it would take a very long time. Worse, it would require the user to compile the images manually if they were trying to achieve a condensed long-term timelapse.

Hope this idea is implemented, it would be a really great feature.