D Batteries

My pathway lighting and video monitors take D cell batteries, I’ve gone through 2 complete sets in less than 12 months. Each pathway light takes 4 D cell batteries at a cost of $16.84 each light. That’s $67.36, then add the 2 motion video monitors batteries. Now, I need to replace the batteries again! I’ve adjusted the motion sensors and repositioned everything.

Unfortunately I can’t afford this many replacement batteries. The lights and monitors are installed and not useable.

I get Amazon basic D batteries. $1.04 a piece. They last about 6 months even in the winter with the dim setting in. So what batteries are you buying that cost 4 times more? You don’t need them.

Also, what’s a motion video monitor? Motion sensor maybe? 4 AA batteries each. Amazon basic are they same at . 32 cents a piece… They last 6 months or more for me.