Customizing Shared User Roles (Multi-User Functionality)

You should add enhanced multi-user functionality. This would include the ability to change roles for shared users, adding settings and abilities to each additional user. There is no reason that my wife should not be able to change the occupancy mode on her own account. I shouldn’t have to switch the system to Away mode for her and disarm it for her every single time she leaves/enters the house.

If she has a phone and using the Ring app and/or has access to the Ring keypad she should be able to turn on/off the alarm system on her own.
We are 2 users in my household and both of us can do that.

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I agree that we need either customizable settings per user, add another owner (so passwords can be separate), or add a power user / supervisor or other similar role that can also be customizable or very owner like but maybe just can’t delete devices, or other high security features. I only say delete, because I wouldn’t want my wife / spouse or child to accidentally delete a camera or security system. But I’d have no problem with some or all of the setting changes. I’m sure there are other features that other people may want to limit access as well. So I think customizable is the way to go.