Customized alert tones by zone

I have a small Ring network in my home…4 indoor stick-up cams and 1 doorbell cam. All working well but have a suggestion for alert tones. There is a finite list of tones from which to choose when you set the camera alert settings. Nice list, but generic tones. What I need, at 3AM, when the motion is detected, to know exactly and quickly where the motion is occurring. Now I hear the tone and have to guess where the motion was detected. Even if I have a unique tone per stick-up camera, it requires one to remember which tone is for which camera…not good at 3AM in a stressful moment. Currently, I’d have to open the app to see what zone is impacted. Even the notifications in the iPhone settings requires one to visually verify the alert location. Time is critical.

Suggest, like the iPhone ring tones, allow the user to customize the ring tone for each camera. For instance, the user could program his/her living room cam to use an audible alert like “Motion in the Living Room” as the 1st indication of an alert. That way, at 3AM, the user hears the exact location of the alert and does not need to struggle to find the phone and view the notifications. Second really count if there were threats in the home.

Appreciate your feedback on this suggestion…thanks for your time!