Customer Support is not 24/7

Ring customer service did not handle my issue efficiently or properly. I am using my daughters credentials because I no longer have access to my account. The account was completed under my husbands’s name. He died and he did not leave any account information. I also cannot access the email associated with the Ring account because of the same issue. I notified Ring of this problem. They said they would send me an email with further instructions. It turns out that they sent that email to the email associated with the Ring account that I told them I do not have access to. I called Ring back on day five to find out what happened. They informed me that the person handling my issue would call me back immediatedly. I waited twenty minutes and called them back. They told me the rep I needed was bust with another customer. I accepted this answer and waited. No one called me back. I again called Customer Service and they sent another letter to the email I originally asked them to send the instructions to. I received that email message. The instruction letter asked for documents that do not exist. I am able to provide one of the documents but it will not be certified as requested. I spoke with a CSR and two levels of service. I was repeatedly told that only one person can help even though they have 24/7 support. I was asked to wait another 24 to 48 hrs for my request to be answered. I am extremely displeased with the handling of my request. I spent one and a half hours on the phone with customer service. A lot of the time was spent with one CSR who refused to transfer me to a Supervisor even though I asked repeatedly. Will someone from Ring please reach out to me to address this situation?

My condolences for your husband. I understand it’s hard to get access to his account. But this is for security and they take it extremely careful. Anyone can call or email and say what happened. An ex or someone with bad intentions. So, I’m guessing this needs to be handled by a special person or group. I think that they are off for the weekend now just like the agents here are. I will try to help you get a response from an agent, but it may not be until Monday. Hopefully this will all be cleared up soon for you. You must be going through a lot at this time and one thing taken off the pile will surely help. I’ll forward your email to them tonight.

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Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced from a company. When I asked for the supervirsor, I was told that they could not transfer me to her, they could not give me her email address and that they could put in a request that she calls me but she likely wouldn’t. I spoke to Dale, I asked for his employee ID and was told he could not give me that. This company is a joke that certainly doesn’t go even slightly out of their way to help customers.

You need to contact your husbands email provider who will give you instructions on how to access his account. I had to send a copy of the death certificate another required death cert and trust docs/power of attorney. Sorry for your loss.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbors. @ckcookson, our deepest condolences to you.

At Ring we value your privacy as much as your security. As @Eagle328 stated, the best way to handle any account specific or login access matters is with our support team. Rest assured, I’ve sent your feedback and experiences to the appropriate teams to ensure support is operating at the high standards in which they are trained to.

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