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Good people:
I always thought highly of the Ring label. I thought with it’s slick advertising and product design, it is a good place to purchase from. I also thought since Jeff Bezos was involved in the company, that surely would make it a good resource.
I write to you, because I have already spent well over an hour, on four phone calls, trying to resolve what should be a simple issue. I write to you, because I cannot believe how horrible a customer relations department is run by your company. (If this were my company, I would be looking for a new, badly needed, communications director.). I write to you because I still have hope, that there is someone with enough ability to solve an easy to fix problem. I write to you because if you cannot resolve it, please cancel my order and credit me back the double amount that you charged to my credit card.
This is really stupidly silly to not be able to fix. I ordered 004-95969 for $1059.29. The sales person was excellent, but Ring’s automated charge system was horrendous. It took four tries by your sales person and I to get the charge accepted by the non-working system. When it was done, I was assured the doorbell would be rushed out, and the cameras were in production for future delivery in about four weeks (or less).
So, now it is several days later, and no delivery or notice of a planned delivery from Ring. No. Instead, I received a notice from may credit card company that Ring double charged my account. So, I have spent several hours trying to reach someone at Ring that could resolve this. First I reached someone offshore, and was assured that she was transferring me to someone in the USA that could help. I’m still on hold for that transfer. Ring let me down. I followed that up with another call. I was assured by a gentleman in Austin, Texas, that he contacted someone who would be resolving it, and that person would call me later in the afternoon. Hmmm. I’m still waiting for that call back. No resolution so far. Today, I reached a nice woman in Egypt, who said she could help. I asked if she would call me back with the good results. That return call has never happened either. Of course, now being frustrated, I called again, and asked for the name of the president and/or an executive who could help. Sorry, they are not given that type of information. Nor are they given a real phone number to the executive office. I guess only G-d could get that information. I did get this email address!
So, whomever is reading this, and I hope it is quickly read, I would appreciate a rapid response. I would like you to cancel and credit the overcharge. I also think Ring has a nerve asking to be paid in advance, when they cannot deliver. Explain that to me, please. Please start to do the right things for your customers.
A thought … customers come to buy good product with an excellent brand, and they also can go to another resource, when that good brand deteriorates.

This is not the experience we intend for our neighbors, and I apologize for any inconvenience you may have faced. Based on your description of each interaction with our support team, it is likely that your concern was shared with the appropriate teams for resolution.

The Ring Community is a public neighbor to neighbor forum, and is not a platform that is monitored by our support team. Although there are Community team members and neighbors here to provide guidance, some inquiries are best handled by support teams. As you’ve reached out to prior with request, you should certainly receive an update on such in a reasonable time frame. If you have not yet, please reach back out to ensure your case is escalated to the proper team for handling.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

While the Community may not be able to solve this particular concern, we are always here to help further with your Ring devices, as well as will be sharing this feedback with the necessary teams here.

@Sundial Sorry for your frustrations. As user I have experienced similar disappointments with the RIng phone support and have actually found this forum more effective, at least for me, for getting answers and help. The moderators are quite good about helping when they can such as fixing something in a setting, looking into things with their teams, etc. With the phone support, a lot seems to depend, unfortunately, on who picks up the call and where. There seem to be many overseas call centers. I have found the background noise and reception at times to be nearly unbearable. Then, other times, you get someone that really seems to care with a bonus of being in the USA with crystal clear reception too. I have heard you can ask for Level 2 support if things aren’t getting resolved for you on the phone, or perhaps use the word “escalate” to get a more senior person on the phone. I myself was given a lot of misinformation from phone support when I first got my spotlight cameras - namely, phone support saying they were defective because the spotlight should go on at night regardless of any amount of outside lighting, when in fact, this is normal operation. A deficiency I have expressed to Ring. It was only through this forum that I learned from fellow users and the moderators that it was working as designed. After that, I started asking questions on this forum, and trying to help others where I could.

My other tidbit of advice is to order from Amazon. It seems quite a few folks here have had frustrations with ordering directly from Ring for whatever reason be it no confirmation or an order, delayed delivery, etc. Amazon owns Ring and I have been extremely pleased with Amazon orders both with Ring products and any other Amazon item. With one click of a button, you can return an item for full refund, get an exchange, print out a return label, all at no charge or hassle.

Finally, if you are inclined, you can express your experiences as a consumer and customer by writing a letter (which I did at one point) to their home office. I actually got an email and then call from someone on the corporate office escalation team in the USA. I note the founder, Jamie Siminoff’s, email is right on the box presumably inviting contact too:

1523 26th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3507