Customer Service Sucks

I was waiting for my order to arrive only to find out after waiting for days that the ring doorbell that I ordered is not part of the tracking numbers that they have sent me. I called customer service to look for my missing order and the person on the other line can’t even help me and instead told me that someone will contact me by email and logistics can only be reached by email. I’ve tried to ask for a manager and the person on the other line told me that they are engaged in another call definitely more important than my question/concern. I have ordered something that I have not received and this is what customer service I get? I regret buying Ring, will return all these products I ordered and never going to waste a single penny to this company!

Did you look at your Order History?
Order History (
In orders that didn’t all come at the same time I could click on the View Invoice and in the upper right, in small font, were approximate shipping information.

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