Customer Service Representative Issue

Today I had one of the worst experiences ever with a customer service rep. She gave me the run around for about 40 minutes. Even though it didn’t appear she didn’t know what she was doing I felt she somewhat tried. However, that came to an abrupt halt when I asked to speak to a supervisor as I often do to give kudos or suggestion. She refused to let me speak to a supervisor after I repeatedly ask to speak to one. She repeated the same sentence about how she could only tell me to go to my service provider for assistance. Which that in and of itself made no sense since all my other ring devices seem to be fine. She just kept repeating the same sentence even after I asked her over and over if she was refusing to let me speak to a supervisor yes or no? She finally acted like she looked for a supervisor for about a minute and said one wasn’t available. It was shameful and as someone who worked in support and customer service her ability to act in that position was truly lacking. I told at the end of the conversation since she wouldn’t let me speak to a higher up that she really needed more training in customer service. Then on top of all of that I was sent a survey and when I clicked on the link it basically said thank you for completing the survey, in short. The funny thing is I didn’t even see the survey questions at all and no way did I take a survey. Which meant they didn’t want to hear the negative feedback from me like the email said, which is skewing their customer service statistics to their benefit.