Customer Service Improvements

We received a new Ring Doorbell Pro for Christmas. Since then I have replaced my alarm system and looking to add outdoor cameras. So far I have been impressed with the products, support, and service. However, today I hit a speed bump that has turned into a roadblock in my opinion. After reviewing multiple reviews and 3rd party reviews, I purchased the solar Stickup Camera. Once installed I quickly realized I was not happy with the night vision tech. Even with a well lit driveway, I still cannot see anything at night. I purchased the solar power Spotlight cam. Received and installed yesterday, and the difference is litterally night and day. I will be keeping the Spotlight Cam for sure, but now I realize I wanted to add a second camera. Seeing there is a $40 discount if you purchase two I called hoping the discount would be applied to the second camera since I just purchased 3 days ago. NOPE! The only way to get the discount is to make a new purchase of the two-pack Spotlight cams, and remove and return my original Spotlight cam purchase. How does this make sense? Why can Customer Service reps not view my account and see I recently purchased one cam and offer the discuount on a second cam for a limited time? To me, this would make far more sense and better customer service. Sometimes I feel common sense is not used when creating policy. Give the CS reps the ability to do the right thing and treat your customers they way they would want to be treated. That’s how I run my business anyway.

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Sorry to hear about this! Are your support tickets under the same email address linked to your Community login? If so, we can get that reviewed for you right away!

I think it is fair. 2 different products/ packaging/shipping. The two diff products being one vs two.

First, hardware is great. Second, as you found out , there is no company customer service. You are made to rely on a forum . Their supposed chat is also non existant. All it does is send you to forum posts that might pertain to you concern. Then it asks if this helped , with only a yes answere button