Customer ideas as positive suggestions to Ring.

I have been a Ring user for many years and I am a bit of a home security geek. As a retired detective, I had to investigate many different types of crimes. The easiest ones to solve and get convictions on, were those where alarm systems provided immediate notification for a police response or the evolution of video security cameras on the exterior (or interior) of homes and businesses. This thread is for the Ring Community to make recomendations to Ring of the millions of ideas or similar ideas Ring users have [and wish they had]. Video has become one of the biggest and best aides to Law Enforcement in the investigation of many crimes such as missing persons, vehicular collisions, hit and runs, vehicle and residential burglaries, thefts of property, robbery, persons crimes, arson, homicides and so many more. Now being retired from Law Enforcement, my wife and I moved our real estate business to SWFLSAND dot com. As Realtors®, we like to provide our buyers with some sense of security in their new homes as a house warming gift. Ring devices make that very easy to do. We can choose from Ring Alarms Systems, Ring Doorbells, Ring Flood Cams, Ring Peepholes, Ring Stick Up Cams and many more.

The one thing we cannot get is a single flood light with a cam that looks two, three or four ways in a single device. I use the floodlight cams on my house and it would be my prefrence to have at least 2 opposite views, so four floodlights with 2 cameras each could cover the four exterior sides of mine and most others homes with half of the elctrical requirement. These would also make great gifts. Thanks in advance for allowing me to post this and for the community to share their ideas with Ring Idea Teams.