Custom ringtones for each doorbell

Please could you add the functionality to set different chime ringtones for each doorbell and indeed camera active at a property, so that users can tell where around their property motion has been detected or doorbells pressed based on the ringtones alone. The ability to set custom ringtones, e.g. a snippet of music or upload a recording would also be useful.


Even the most basic doorbell had a Ding Dong for the front doorbell and a Ding for the rear doorbell. And this would be a simple feature to add. Yes, the doorbell will need to tell the Chime which doorbell had the activity - ring or motion - but it is likely already sending this information. And yes, there may be a memory limitation - even the smallest of memory would probably handle 10-15 doorbells - many more than the average home.


Let’s make this happen!


I can’t believe custom ringtones haven’t been implemented yet. Especially since ring has pushed “Adams Family” and Christmas tones. An import feature to customize device and location notifications should be a high priority for the development team.
It’s available on the competition.


This is a must for large homes/businesses with multiple entry doors! I would like to use Ring in a new installation but will likely install old fashion door bells due to Ring not having the basic functionality of 20th century doorbells (ugg). Please let me know if this is on track for implementation anytime soon as this request is already over a 1.5 years old.

The doorbell that I just connected the jumpers to for my ring wired had 2 stage ring ability. And the cost on that was far less than the ring chime pro that I just installed. I guess I should have done a little more research. Come on, this isn’t the 70’s!!! Add the ability to have the different tones for different devices. Definitely making me look for a more updated system for security system. Shame on you Ring!!