Custom ringtones for each doorbell

Please could you add the functionality to set different chime ringtones for each doorbell and indeed camera active at a property, so that users can tell where around their property motion has been detected or doorbells pressed based on the ringtones alone. The ability to set custom ringtones, e.g. a snippet of music or upload a recording would also be useful.


Even the most basic doorbell had a Ding Dong for the front doorbell and a Ding for the rear doorbell. And this would be a simple feature to add. Yes, the doorbell will need to tell the Chime which doorbell had the activity - ring or motion - but it is likely already sending this information. And yes, there may be a memory limitation - even the smallest of memory would probably handle 10-15 doorbells - many more than the average home.

Let’s make this happen!