Custom quick replies or more options

I’d like the option to prerecord responses/replies/messages in the app that I can playback when someone is at my door.

Sometimes when I’m in the car or in a remote area, my mobile internet connection isn’t very great, making it hard to have a decent conversation.
It also happens sometimes that I’m in a meeting or in a noisy environment and it’s just not possible for me to talk with whomever rang my doorbell.

For these situations, prerecorded replies/messages that I can quickly send from the app, by the press of a button, would be ideal.
For instance, if it’s a package delivery, I can ask the person to leave the package at my backdoor.

If we’re in the garden, I can tell the person to just come around the back.

At least one competitor already has this (Quick Responses in the Nest video doorbell) and I think it’s a very good feature.

Make custom quick reply responses.

Make quick reply available in isle of man

Creating this post as a recommendation for the Ring Team. I love the Smart Replies but which there was more options or a way to record your own custom reply. I have a delivery bin to the right of my door, most delivery drivers use it but every once and awhile the door bell will ring and I will see a driver leaving my package in front of the door. I wish when they ran the bell I could leave a custom message to “Please leave package in delivery bin to the right of the front door.”

The ability to use smart responses is great, although not all the responses on their suit me and I don’t like having to enable it to automatically respond just for me to be able to have the smart responses button for use when viewing the doorbell. For example I’d like to be able to have it say “no one’s here right now if there’s a package leave it in the shed” and if we could create custom responses everyone would make much better use of the feature.

I agree! Nice topic! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A suggestion to be able to prerecord your own smart responses. For example there’s a smart response that you can select that says about leaving your package at the door. Now personally I don’t want my package left at the door in full view of anyone passing by and a lot of the time I can’t answer my doorbell at work or I don’t answer it on time by the time I’ve seen someone is at the door. So I’d love to be able to pre record a smart response saying please leave my package in my stated safe place.


Speaker/microphone/connection is bad. When a postman is ringing the bell, both party often cant hear eachother. It would be great to have somesort of automatic ‘answering machine’ like ‘please leave the parcel at my neighbour’ or 'please, i do not want to join the Jehova-community , or i am in the bathroom, hold a minute,‘i’m comming’

Please leave parcel on the ground.
Please drop the parcel at my neighbours.
Please come back later time.
Please leave a message who you are and what is your question.

Something like that.

Apparently Ring listened, there is now a new option called Smart Responses - Quick Reply Messages like: “We cant answer the door right now” and a few other pre-recorded messages. Thank you Ring for listening my ring.

ps: a subscribtion is required for this feature.

It would be nice of custom recording is possible or at least also in other language like Dutch, French etc

When the motion warning is toggled on i think it would be nice if it greeted you with …smil! Your on camara, happy Halloween , happy Christmas or something like that

Update the settings options on customization selections greetings. So we can add personalized voice or have options of artist or music etc. WITHOUT additional FEES . We already pay 5.00 to 10.00 monthly fees for services that barely function properly daily. An customer support team only can identify as reset, restart or place another ticket in for another team which never correctly identify the main issue and only apologize for not fixing the issue. Which does not help either situation. Nevertheless, just be more creative and diverse without additional fees with the customers are providing suggestions to make the business more appealing to subscribers.

In some occasions, it would be very useful to select a pre-recorded message from a list (e.g. 4 pre-recorded ones).

For example, when in a meeting I could choose a message saying do leave the package on a specific location or say to come back later I am not available at the moment.

It would be nice if one could customize responses in a male or female voice, and also have the ability to reply using a male sounding voice, so that women and teens who happen to be home alone can reply to trespassers or to someone attempting to break in without making it known that they are possibly alone. As well it would be great to be able to trigger an alarm from the doorbell. Thanks!

Parcel boxes are becoming more and more common. Please could we have a quick reply on the ring doorbell app that reflects this.

Words to the effect …:

“We can’t get to the door right now. Parcels can be left in the parcel box by the door or leave a message”

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Too bad Ring doesn’t have a way to record your own quick responses. I.E. my dogs trip my Ring camera and it takes a bit for me to initiate “Live” view and talk to them to stop barking. If I was able to record my own quick reply that would help solve the delay and sometimes undistinguishable speech that comes out when talking.

Another suggestion is to have more Male voice responses that are lets say not so Friendly! RING - The reason we have these is because we’re concerned about rising crime… The last thing I want my door to say is… “Hi, I’m helpless - please come in and rob me!” I’d rather have something that says… " Yeah, give me a minute, I’ll be right there;" in a more masculine voice.

Sad to say that the days of Leave it to Beaver or the Waltons is long gone.

When will I be able to use my own voice on my Ring for quick replies.

I feel as if its more welcoming rather than being so automated

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Can we have customisable smart responses, preferably that support text to speech

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if we could record our own messages? Such as « If you’re delivering a parcel please leave it in the parcel box » or similar? Have I missed something??

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I was a Eufy doorbell cam user up until this summer when I decided to have a full Ring alarm set up.
An option that is very good with Eufy is that you can someone ringing at my door with a pre-recorded vocal message like : Welcome to house of the XXX Family, it seems we are not at home. If you have a package for us, you can leave it at the front door.

Is it possible to do ?
I heard Ring was working to integrate quick response that you can trigger from the notification pannel on your phone… but it’s all in english and robot message… So you can’t say whatever you want and it’s not your voice in there.

Also it would be important to be able to have the custom response play automatically when Ring is armed in Away mode for example.