Custom notification tone settings for different times of day (as per motion schedules)

I have a floodlight cam. The reason I bought it is because my car had been vandalised on my driveway during the night. So, it would be good to be able to set different notification tone settings for different times of the day/night.

During the day, I don’t need anything loud, harsh and which is going to drive me mad, so I set it to a subtle, quiet tone. But at night, I would like to set it to the siren so that it is loud enough to wake me up.

Please can you implement a setting - similar to the “motion schedule” setting in advanced motion settings (or even make it a part of it!), so that you can set one particular tone from say 7am - 11pm, with it then automatically changing to a louder, more urgent notification tone at times when any trigger of the motion system is much more likely to be an intruder!

Surprised this isn’t a feature yet. In fact I’m surprised it hasn’t always been a feature, let alone ‘yet’. Not quite as much, but almost as much as the fact that on iOS you cannot bypass the Do Not Disturb mode with critical alerts. I mean seriously, who designs the software for these things? No disrespect, but these are just BASIC, SIMPLE features to implement that should be there from the start. Unbelievable.