Custom Motion Warning options

Not everyone who buys the Ring doorbell is American! The female American voice used for announcements is rather grating. Alexa devices offer a choice of several male and female voices, why can’t Ring do the same? Please add a feature to choose which voice to use for announcements.

This should be a no brainer. Google seem to have no problem with this via maps etc. I agree American accent just doesn’t seem right in the UK

Custom Motion Warnings Needed
There needs to be a way to play a custom motion warning.

With text to speech, AI and Alexa capabilities the system should be able to say a custom greeting typed into the app.

Better yet, support an audio file within limits to play via the doorbell or security camera. The default greeting is not what I want people to hear. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I mean since being owned by Amazon, the Polly voices using AWS seem like a great intergration. This will allow the AI to come up with responses and a Neural TTS voice like Amy to say the response.

Hi- how can I change the announcers voice please? I’d like an English male butler option. Thank you.

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Add the feature for users to record their own motion warning!!! Everyone wants this feature!
Doesn’t have to be a recording, if we can just type in what we want said, and choose male or female voice

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We have multiple Ring devices at our home, including doorbells and Spotlight Cams. I’ve set up the Spotlight Cams to announce to individuals they’re being recorded, however, as a Home Security Device, I don’t want the announcement to welcome the individual, especially if they’re a criminal (it starts by saying “Hello”).

My suggestion is to change the announcement for motion detection to something like this: “This home is under Ring Video Surveillance and you are currently being recorded. Proceeding indicates you agree to be recorded”.

It’s matter of fact, lets people know the entire home is covered (whether it is or isn’t, people don’t have to know), and also provides proof they agreed to be recorded.

Many States, like my own, require both parties to agree to any electronic recording, unless a Court Order is issued, so a new alert would protect home owners from potential lawsuits, and it would allow recordings to be used in any criminal, or civil, proceeding, if needed.

For me, a security company should make homeowners feel safe, not for thieves or con artists to feel “welcomed”…

I would also add the verbiage to Ring’s signage (stickers, yard signs, etc) to include the information.

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Could we possibly get the option to manually trigger the recording motion warning the camera emits when it detects motion. As it would be really useful to trigger this on demand.

Furthermore, to have the option to play pre-recorded messages other than the standard “Hi, you are currently being recorded”. (Similar to the doorbell on demand voice options).


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