Custom Modes

As a new Ring Alarm user I am also dismayed about the inability to create two separate Home modes. As others have pointed out, it is common to want to have certain interior motion sensors activated while sleeping, but not while awake. Ring, please add this functionality, even if it is limited to the app via custom modes. The effort will be more than worth it through referrals from happier customers. I have various friends and relatives to whom I would recommend the Ring system if it included this functionality.

Yes please +1 for us for this. We sometimes leave the dog and would love to have a mode that doesn’t trigger in a particular room. But we still want home and away too.

Yes please, and please also support binding the keypad buttons to the custom modes. I’d add labels to mine to avoid any confusion.

To be honest, I think a proper programming system (or an API) would be most appropriate here. A visual language like Scratch is pretty accessible and could still handle all the requests. And it’s simple enough to run it on the alarm itself.

To help with the feature design, here’s my use-case. I have a mailbox sensor that needs fairly separate behavior:

  • Always disarmed during certain parts of of the day, regardless of other Disarmed/Home/Away – a legitimate mail delivery should not trigger it.
  • Follows regular Disarmed / Home / Armed outside of mail delivery hours. It could also have a completely separate “Disarm Mailbox” mode.

Another feature that would solve my use-case would be if I could assign that mailbox sensor to a separate, virtual alarm device with its own rules & policy. It’s obviously impractical, unreasonable, and undesirable to buy a separate physical alarm device for the 1 mailbox sensor.


Please add the possibility to have customized modes. 3 modes is not enough to cover all basic uses.

Today it is possible only three types of setting, deactivated, at home, out of the home.
It would be very nice to add zones in order to create specific setting and activate only certain zones when we are at home.
Could it be possible?

Bought into the ring ecosystem as many people have. You start with a doorbell, add cameras and then alarm. Not having the ability to have a customisable mode or sleep mode means security is compromised in my situation as I am sure a lot of other people’s.
Come on ring, we know you can’t add another button to the keypads but you can put it in the app.

How many requests does Ring still need to be convinced that they need to include customisable modes? I too would like a holiday-mode to make sure that the security is permanently on and the schedule is bypassed.

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This should absolutely be a standard feature and I can’t believe it’s not yet.

“Home” and “Away” are simply not good enough. 30-year-old “dumb” alarm systems can do this (selective zone arming) but Ring’s so-called “smart” alarm still can’t?

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Can’t believe that you can’t add another mode, I would like a sleeping mode where all the internal cameras are enabled as opposed to all of them

Add an additional Night / Sleep mode. This is available on all other alarm systems and had been requested many times here and in the forums.

I thought I would add why this feature is so important. Often called Part Set on other alarm systems, it allows the user to enable the sensors in parts of the house that are not used at night, while the occupants are asleep. This would typically be sensors downstairs. Then, if there is a break in at night, the alarm goes off. Sensors upstairs would only be enabled on a Full Set , the mode you call Away.

Agree, would use everyday.

It would be great to have a mode “sleeping” along with “Home” and “away”.

Or add option to make my own mode.

A suggestion for implementation

  • To set a Night/Sleep mode on the keypad, after entering your PIN, press the Home button for more than 2 seconds. The keypad would then flash the Home button to signify the mode had been activated.
  • In the application, just add a Night/Sleep button and associated logic and setup. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any indication from developers if this feature will ever be implemented? I am almost ready to return Ring and switch to another brand because I cannot set Night mode. Seems like a major flaw.

Great idea - Ring, please, please do it!

More modes are needed three isn’t enough I agree just let the user set up the number of modes they require this should be an easy app firmware/software update