Custom entry exit delay options

Is there any chance that ring could add customizable entry and exit delays instead of just giving us a select few options? I would love to be able to set 10 or 5 second entry delay instead of a minimum of 30. This would be great so when family members come home they have just enough time to punch in their code to disarm. This way we can always keep the alarm active at night but give some time for family members to enter but little time for an intruder to enter before we know about it. Please give let us customize it or even add a 10 and 5 second option!

We need more delay options for the ring Alarm

0 is too low and 30 seconds is too long for many scenarios

5 and 15 as second options will cover the many scenarios and use cases

Hi @Raza100. Thanks for sharing your feedback! I’ve moved your post over to an existing feature request as it is the same request. This helps us to better keep track of the votes for each request. :slight_smile:


I agree. If someone were to get my door open they could easily run in grab something expensive then run out within 30 seconds lol.

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I would like to see an option on the delay entry alarm when opening a door or window while alarm is active. It current only has 0 seconds being an instant trigger and the next time frame is 30 seconds. I’m not a fan of the 0 seconds due to accidental opening of doors and forgetting the alarm is still on in the morning. But at the same time 30 seconds seems way too long for an intruder to be inside the house prior to me being notified. I would like to see a 15 second delay added to help solve this issue or no time and too much time.

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Definitely need more entry time options. I’ve just replaced my 10 year old system which had 15s as the entry time which was perfect, 30s seems like an eternity.

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Please adjust this. We need from 0 to 60 seconds in increments of 5 seconds. I really only want a 5 second delay. 30 seconds is way too long! Criminals can break in, have 30 seconds, then another minute before you call through the three contacts, then call police, then wait for police to arrive. That delay is too long. I only want a 5 second delay.,please add these options

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Why is it YEARS later after what a lot of customers consider a critical weakness in a security system… such a simple thing to update code to support… seconds… number to start counting down from… Still goes unmodified and unimproved by Ring?

Please provide your CUSTOMERS better control over entry/exit delays. This is long overdue.

30 seconds is too much time for alarm delays during away mode. This gives the bad guy way too much time to look around before the alarm sounds. I would like to see delay options starting from 10 seconds & having 5 second increments thereafter.

It’s just a user preference & an easy way to add more customization to the system. I would still like to see more options for Delay times.

Please please add a shorter entry and exit delay as 30s is wayyyyu to long please comment if you agree and I hope ring will add to next update, it’s can’t be that difficult or a custom of time to choose

Why the f… isn’t this fixed already.
This is ridiculous.

If 30 seconds is the lowest maybe we should add an option to serve a coffee to a burglar inside the app?

This is ridiculous. I really hope someone reads this as 0 and 30 and above is not suitable


@Caitlyn_Ring Is anyone working on this?


2023, 3 years after this post was created, I don’t understand why this hasn’t been implemented yet. Oh my.


I use zwave door locks to disarm my system. A 5 second entry delay option would be ideal because the zwave lock only needs 1-2 seconds to connect to base station to disarm.

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Clearly a must-have.

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I have specific security concerns involving determined attackers trying to harm me and my family. So I walked around the house with a stopwatch.

Anyone determined to get in my home and do serious harm could get it done within 30 seconds. The alarm wouldn’t wake me up until it’s too late.

10 seconds is ample to disarm the alarm. Since I don’t have this option, I’m choosing zero seconds knowing false alarms are highly likely to occur.

I shouldn’t have to make this choice.

100% agree, 30 seconds is way too long and a burglars could just get what they needs and/or remove the base station and proceed undisturbed.
Has this not been solved yet to provide customisable or shorter entry delay?
I have to set my entry to 0 seconds, which in turn means i have to disarm through my phone prior to entering - therefore if my phone runs out of battery or network, or don’t have my phone, the alarm would falsely go off.

Agree at minimum add 5, 10, and 15 second options.

Or better yet just a custom time option.

This must be easy today. Feels like the ring team is asleep at the wheel. What new features have they given us in years?