Custom Entry Delay

I’m a bit confused as too why we can’t enter our own time for Entry/Exit delays and are stuck to the multiple choice options.

For example, 30 seconds in my house for an entry delay is too long, if the door opens a seasoned burglar would have my car keys and be out the door and into the car potentially before I even get notified the doors been breached.

Yet 0 seconds would mean that when my wife or I come in from a night shift and forget to disable the alarm via the app prior to opening the door we would immediately wake the other.

Please either add more options, maybe 10 second intervals? Or add the ability to enter a custom time delay.


Agree I want to see custom entry delays. For example 60 second delay for my garage door when I bring in my car and 15 seconds when I get in the front entry door.

I agree. Either custom delays or smaller incremental delays are needed.

I agree, 30 sec is too long, and 0 is too short, we need custom times, it really cant be that hard to integrate into the app.

I agree - still no progress on this it seems?

With only 4 votes there likely won’t be.