Custom Chime Tone

This is SOOO important to get done. I have repeatedly rotated through every simple/short Alert tone in the app because my dog goes bonkers when he hears the alert from my phone. He races to the window and barks like crazy, knowing the alert means someone is passing by. And when he starts barking, my other dog (who is blind and partly deaf and not reacting to the alert), also starts barking. It’s a cacophony of dog talk. I’ve had to change my alert every 2 weeks, which is about how long it takes for my Rottweiler to consistently connect the tone with the activity outside. At this point, I’m ready to turn off my alerts, which partially defeats the purpose of having a Ring Doorbell to know when someone is outside. I’d like to be able to download any sound files, or even use some of the other notification sounds already on my iPhone (that I don’t use for other apps, because who needs a barking frenzy for every email that comes in, right?!).

This should have been a thing from the start. We should be able to upload anything we want on our personal devices we paid for.

I can’t believe custom ringtones haven’t been implemented yet. Especially since ring has pushed “Adams Family” and Christmas tones. An import feature to customize device and location notifications should be a high priority for the development team.
It’s available on the competition.

I REALLY REALLY want to be able to set my door’s chime to something from Starfleet- yeah, im a big nerd.

Uploading custom sounds, like .was or .mp3 files, would be amazing, especially for holidays. Imagine the potential for eerie sounds when trick or treaters ring your bell on Halloween! This would be awesome. Please add such an option. Thanks!

I just mentioned this to them on Twitter and they asked me to come to the boards and then I find this. I think there are too few tones in the selection area. The ability to get short snips of sound files you might want to add to your alerts would be very cool. Also, the ability to add certain tones to certain cams will allow you to know if you need to check that cam at that moment or just when you can.

All in all I think there should be more tones included, perhaps like 3 or 4 different windchime sounds as a start or something.

As a note, I would like a couple cat sounds for a couple indoor cams I have LOL

I want the jetsons ring tone!

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